Sun Care & Application Tips

We get it -- mineral sunscreen can feel a little different, especially when you're used to chemical sunscreen, so we've put together a few tips to get you covered as smoothly and safely as possible.


   1. Start small. Don't try to cover your whole body in one go. Start by applying about a teaspoon to your arm and rub into the area from your hand to your elbow, then elbow to shoulder. 

   Apply to one small section of your body at a time and you'll be sun-ready in no time.



   2. Use the right amount to cover yourself. As a general guide, use a teaspoon on each arm, leg, your face, neck and ears, and two the front of your torso and your back. 



3. Celebrate the sheen. OCEAN AUSTRALIA's natural zinc protection acts like a shield, repelling the sun's harmful rays. (Chemical sunscreens only work once these rays have been absorbed into your skin.) Our sunscreen is super easy to apply and won't leave a white cast on your skin, but will leave a slight sheen... which means it's doing its job and reflecting those rays. 


Always take care whilst having fun in the sun.

Wear protective clothing, hats and eyeware, and avoid prolonged exposure.

Reapply OCEAN AUSTRALIA every two hours or after swimming, towelling or perspiring - whichever comes first.