The OA Story

In Australia, we've been taught to Slip! Slop! Slap! since 1981, but with approximately two in three Aussies predicted to be diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they are 70*, being sun smart is still not taken seriously enough. 

OCEAN AUSTRALIA was born when one of our founding members noticed that a mole on his shoulder had changed shape -- as a symptom of melanoma, he soon discovered.

Luckily, it was caught early enough and he's fine. However, he was just one of a number of people we knew who'd been affected by skin cancer, which was the motivating factor behind OCEAN AUSTRALIA.  

Around the same time, we were seeing more and more research that indicated the damage that chemical sunscreens were causing to the reefs, both in Australia and overseas.

We knew we needed to create a 100% reliable, SPF 50+ formula that was kind to skin and the planet.

We got in touch with Australia's most experienced sunscreen development team who loved the idea and wanted to partner with us. For the last two years, we've all been working hard to create the perfect formula that ticks all the boxes:

✔ SPF 50+

✔ Reef friendly

✔ Chemical filter free

✔ Easy to apply

✔ More affordable than other mineral sunscreens

We've tested OCEAN AUSTRALIA all over - you guessed it - Australia (where the level of UV radiation is among the highest in the world), and we're proud to be bringing sun safety to our fellow sun seekers. Because, let's face it, who wants to spend their summer worrying about the big C?

We hope you'll be as proud to use OCEAN AUSTRALIA as we are to make it.

Enjoy the sunshine, guys!




*Source: Cancer Council Australia